We just love Sticky Drip Waffles!

Sticky Drip Waffles LLC was created and inspired by people like you! Sticky Drip Waffles was created in 2019 by a family of three women called the Hollowells'. The Hollowell women were all unique in their own right; Danette Hollowell a singer, actor and dancer for the masses, Gabrielle Hollowell a renowned artist and designer and Aubryone Hollowell , Sticky Drip's cheerleader and prolific writer. The Hollowell women were like the 3 Musketeers and all having 5+ years experience in serving and hospitality made adjusting to the restaurant industry practical and enjoyable! 


 Professional Jazz musician, Danette Hollowell, struggled with managing dinner many nights because of her late-night shows, rehearsals, sound checks and schooling- she always found herself getting drive-thru, and takeout for her two growing daughters. Unfortunately, there aren't too many food options after 11pm for her two children other than McDonald's or Taco Bell. This was not satisfying for the singer Danette; as her children grew up they began to make it their mission that the family always has somewhere healthy to eat, a place to stay and be accepted and to invite other people to share the creative space and enjoy good food! Sticky Drips goal is to provide a safe and common space to be able to practice art, to support other single parents who might need access to healthier food options late at night and to eat tasty food!. Sticky Drip is unlike any other because we really cater to our consumer market, we make sure to use sustainable and recyclable products, we capitalize on customer experience and we aim to provide the best service in Denver and leave you with a Sticky Drip smile on your face!


From our family's table to yours, we give you all fresh organic ingredients, Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian Options and bold tastes and flavors! Complement any party or event with our PREMIUM catering services or come visit one of our many POP-UP locations and book us for YOUR event TODAY!



It's what's on the inside that counts